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Walk MS: South Sound 2017

Havasupai 2015
Havasupai 2015

Auds Odd Squad

Hey everyone -  I'm working on staying positive this new year. 2016 had some pretty rough spots & I'm looking forward to looking back on them! I had an MRI on my spine. Found out I have lesions on my spine & that's what's giving me so much trouble w/ my right side. The really crappy news was finding out there is absolutely NOTHING that they can do about them & if I didn't have them I would be alright! WTF comes to mind! This is why money needs to be raised to continue research - I will keep fighting for now - Please help out & join the team if you can - Hugs to all & thanks for your support Audrey

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Progress: 197%

Goal $3,000.00 Achieved $5,910.00

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