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2018 BP MS 150


Campaign Progress


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4 percent of goal achieved.

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100+ percent of goal achieved.

Team Name Team Captain Number of Participants Join Team
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Keller Williams Mr. Joseph Rothchild Sr. 12 team members Join Team
Top 10 Participants
Participant Name Event Name Gift Amount
Scott Cowan 2018 BP MS 150


Teresa Caballero 2018 BP MS 150


Tim Moore 2018 BP MS 150


Amanda Coontz 2018 BP MS 150


Kasey Jorgenson 2018 BP MS 150


Tonya Byrd 2018 BP MS 150


Russ Phillips 2018 BP MS 150


Norman Lew 2018 BP MS 150


Joseph Rothchild 2018 BP MS 150


Andi Bolin 2018 BP MS 150


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