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Awards & Incentives

Fundraising Clubs and Benefits for Teams and Individuals

We love to reward our riders and teams who go the extra mile with their fundraising for Bike MS!

Mission First

Choose "Mission First" for your prize.

You earned your prize, but you may prefer the cost of that prize go to helping the cause. The Mission First Club directs those funds back to our mission—a world free of MS! To join, simply choose "Mission First" as your prize selection, and instead of receiving a prize, you'll receive the satisfaction of knowing those dollars are advancing the mission of the National MS Society.

Bike MS Prizes: Raising $500 or more qualifies you to receive great Bike MS prizes from our National Prize Partner, Summit Marketing. After the fundraising deadline, May 26 2017, you will receive your prize redemption certificate in your email or in the mail. After you receive the certificate, visit the prize redemption website and complete the online process to redeem your prize. Prizes are shipped directly to you from the prize fulfillment center.

Bike MS Passport Riders

As you are getting ready to ride, check out the options you have for your Bike MS challenge.

Raise $5k, earn the Bike MS Passport.

Cyclists who have raised at least $5,000 at Bike MS are eligible to become a member of the elite National Bike MS Passport Program, a special club for top fundraisers across the country. Passport Program members have the opportunity to ride in any other Bike MS ride without needing to meet the fundraising requirement. Learn more here.

Fundraising Clubs

While we know you fundraise to do something about MS, it's always nice to receive a pat on the back for a job well done. The various clubs and recognition components below do just that! It's our way of shouting from the top of the mountains that we think you're the greatest!

Why accept the challenge? Every dollar you raise means more funding for MS research, programs, services and advocacy for individuals living with the daily challenges of MS. In fact, your fundraising dollars could...

  • Help underwrite the cost of research for new treatments
  • Help purchase medical equipment for someone who is not financially able
  • Help underwrite the cost of installing grab bars in someone's home
  • Cover a year's expenses for Self Help Groups across Arizona
  • Help cover the cost of putting a lift on someone's car


MVP Club

Any Bike MS participant that raises $4,000 or more is officially a member of the MVP Club! Membership benefits include:

  • Access to the VIP tent on event weekend
  • Exclusive bib (in fundraising number order) to wear at the ride
  • Free registration for the 2018 Bike MS
  • Priority parking at the event
  • Exclusive MVP Club jersey
  • Name listed on our website
Thank you to our 2017 Bike MS MVP Cyclists!
1Fred Fathe$14,420.00 2Thomas Godfrey$12,727.80 3George Brunell$9,140.00
4Kirk Hazen$6,246.00 5Edward Hill$5,875.00 6Colleen Bruce$5,411.05
7Harry Blaker$4,532.00 8Elizabeth Galla$4,325.00 9Nina Waechter$4,075.00
10Steve Scott$4,060.00

Thank you to our 2017 Bike MS MVP Cyclists!

  • 1. Fred Fathe$14,420.00
  • 2. Thomas Godfrey$12,727.80
  • 3. George Brunell$9,140.00
  • 4. Kirk Hazen$6,246.00
  • 5. Edward Hill$5,875.00
  • 6. Colleen Bruce$5,411.05
  • 7. Harry Blaker$4,532.00
  • 8. Elizabeth Galla$4,325.00
  • 9. Nina Waechter$4,075.00
  • 10. Steve Scott$4,060.00


High Roller Club

Any Bike MS participant who raises $2,000 - $3,999 will join the ranks of the High Roller Club! There are many benefits to the club, including:

  • Access to the VIP tent on event weekend
  • Exclusive bib on event weekend (in fundraising number order)
  • Free registration for the 2018 Bike MS ride
  • Preferred parking at the event
  • Name listed on our website
Thank you to our 2017 Bike MS High Roller Cyclists!
1Tom Sanders$3,279.51 2Gail Johnson$3,215.00 3Tressa Dittmer$3,075.00
4Kristen Keil$3,000.00 5Chris Henrichsen$2,925.00 6Paul Schlehr$2,825.00
7Glynis Bryan$2,500.00 8John Knievel$2,415.00 9Art Krzyzewski$2,100.00
10David Hess$2,085.00 11Kathy Berzins$2,021.00

Thank you to our 2017 Bike MS High Roller Cyclists!

  • 1. Tom Sanders$3,279.51
  • 2. Gail Johnson$3,215.00
  • 3. Tressa Dittmer$3,075.00
  • 4. Kristen Keil$3,000.00
  • 5. Chris Henrichsen$2,925.00
  • 6. Paul Schlehr$2,825.00
  • 7. Glynis Bryan$2,500.00
  • 8. John Knievel$2,415.00
  • 9. Art Krzyzewski$2,100.00
  • 10. David Hess$2,085.00
  • 11. Kathy Berzins$2,021.00


Premium Pedaler Club

Any Bike MS participant who raises $1,000 - $1,999 will join the ranks of the Premium Pedaler Club! Being a member of the Premium Pedaler Club means that you're really good at convincing people to donate to you, and that's most likely because you're passionate about our shared mission. We want to celebrate your achievements by giving you:

  • Access to the VIP tent on event weekend
  • Exclusive bib on event weekend (in fundraising number order)
  • Discounted registration for the 2018 Bike MS ride
  • Name listed on our website
Thank you to our 2017 Bike MS Premium Pedalers Cyclists!
1Robert Michel$1,955.00 2David Woodruff$1,800.00 3Charlie Gerhardt$1,756.21
4Paul West$1,705.00 5Ryan Hilke$1,690.00 6Richard Griffin$1,500.00
7Kristen Mancilla$1,480.00 8Patrick Hanlon$1,470.00 9John Kniffen$1,420.00
10Patrick Stover$1,395.00 11Cheri Porter$1,353.00 12Susanne Oakley$1,325.00
13Gary Bryan$1,320.00 14Jacqueline Rumsey$1,320.00 15Cathleen Poulos$1,290.00
16Mike Mansell$1,250.00 17Todd Phillips$1,229.00 18Spencer Starks$1,195.00
19Kristi Bell$1,176.00 20Diane Prindiville$1,105.00 21Steven Loggans$1,075.00
22Derek Anderson$1,067.99 23Jeff Hamilton$1,040.00 24David Arbo$1,025.00
25Don Thrailkill$1,010.00 26Karyn Belknap$1,005.00 27Rene Brackney$1,000.00
28Mike Henningsen$1,000.00 29Jason Keil$1,000.00 30David Waechter$1,000.00

Thank you to our 2017 Bike MS Premium Pedalers Cyclists!

  • 1. Robert Michel$1,955.00
  • 2. David Woodruff$1,800.00
  • 3. Charlie Gerhardt$1,756.21
  • 4. Paul West$1,705.00
  • 5. Ryan Hilke$1,690.00
  • 6. Richard Griffin$1,500.00
  • 7. Kristen Mancilla$1,480.00
  • 8. Patrick Hanlon$1,470.00
  • 9. John Kniffen$1,420.00
  • 10. Patrick Stover$1,395.00
  • 11. Cheri Porter$1,353.00
  • 12. Susanne Oakley$1,325.00
  • 13. Gary Bryan$1,320.00
  • 14. Jacqueline Rumsey$1,320.00
  • 15. Cathleen Poulos$1,290.00
  • 16. Mike Mansell$1,250.00
  • 17. Todd Phillips$1,229.00
  • 18. Spencer Starks$1,195.00
  • 19. Kristi Bell$1,176.00
  • 20. Diane Prindiville$1,105.00
  • 21. Steven Loggans$1,075.00
  • 22. Derek Anderson$1,067.99
  • 23. Jeff Hamilton$1,040.00
  • 24. David Arbo$1,025.00
  • 25. Don Thrailkill$1,010.00
  • 26. Karyn Belknap$1,005.00
  • 27. Rene Brackney$1,000.00
  • 28. Mike Henningsen$1,000.00
  • 29. Jason Keil$1,000.00
  • 30. David Waechter$1,000.00

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