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Volunteers make Bike MS possible!

volunteers at work

Each year, thousands of people across the country join the Bike MS volunteer team. From serving on planning committees and calling past participants to providing safety and support for riders at the event, volunteers make Bike MS happen, and are the foundation of why Bike MS is the largest cycling fundraising event in the country.

Who can volunteer?

Families, corporate groups, and individuals are encouraged and welcome to volunteer. Some volunteer positions require a criminal and/or DMV background check, and some may involve driving or heavy lifting. But if you want to help, we guarantee we can find a place for you! People of all ages and abilities are invited to volunteer. We are always looking for youth clubs, corporate, and service-oriented community groups to lend a hand before, during, and after our events.

When you decide to volunteer, you become part of the MS movement – a collective of passionate individuals, moving together to create a world free of MS. Together we provide support, have fun, and make a difference in the lives of people living with MS.

Volunteer AND raise funds – the best of both worlds!

Did you know that volunteers can raise money too? Bike MS volunteers have access to a variety of great fundraising tools. When you register online, you have access to a Participant Center where you can set a fundraising goal, update your personal webpage to share your story with others, e-mail supporters, track your progress and qualify for great fundraising prizes!

2017 Bike MS: Tour de Farms
Volunteer Opportunities

Not really into cycling, but you still want to support a great cause?

Sign-up to be a volunteer!

ILD Tour de Farms Volunteer posterEach volunteer's contribution, large or small, is critical to the success of our events. We welcome volunteers with a wide range of talents and skills. There is only one requirement: a desire to end MS! When you join the Bike MS Volunteer Team, you become a part of Bike MS. Together we will provide support, raise money, have fun, and make a difference in the lives of people living with MS.

Groups and individuals of all ages and abilities are invited to volunteer. We are always looking for youth clubs, corporate, and service-oriented community groups to lend a hand before, during, and after our events.

Has your company formed a corporate team? We have many corporate teams who ride during this event, as volunteer you can still register as part of their team and help raise money as well as support your team members along the route or on site. Bike MS is a great event for team building and we can accommodate large groups of volunteers at once.

Volunteer Perks:
- Volunteer t-shirt
- Meals & plenty of water
- Volunteer tumbler to keep your water cool
- High Fives as cyclist cross the finish line
- And so many more

Questions? Contact Sarah Patulo at or call (312) 423-1139.

Role & Opportunity Descriptions:

  • Bike Storage Check in/out – Keep an eye on participant’s bike in our bike corral area. Ensure that all cyclists have numbers on the bikes. Work with campus security to ensure safety of bicycles. (Volunteers needed Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) 
  • Communications/Net Control - Support operations and logistics by answering calls via radio communication with MSC, SAG Drivers, Rest Stops, etc. by providing instructions to ensure a safe and smooth event. (Volunteers needed Saturday, & Sunday) 
  • Food Tent & Hydration – Help catering vendor with food turn over. Ensure that water and drinks are readily available to riders and volunteers. Stock and serve water, sport drinks & snacks to participants. (Volunteers needed Saturday, & Sunday) 
  • Kids Ride Registration & Support Saturday afternoon we offer a great experience for Children and an opportunity to ride through own route (1,000 feet on NIU Campus). (Volunteers needed Saturday) 
  • Massage Therapist - Comfort our cyclists’ weary muscles throughout their journeys. Massage therapy volunteers must complete a background check and show proof of massage therapist license or be a student supervised by a certified instructor. (Volunteers needed Saturday, & Sunday)  
  • Medical Team - This team of certified medical professionals (EMTs/paramedics/nurses) administers first aid at rest stops & the main site. Must show proof of license or certificate. (Volunteers needed Saturday, & Sunday) 
  • MSC (Motorcycle Safety Crew) As part of MSC you will oversee intersections and ride along with the cyclist to ensure their safety. Throughout the day you will be in communication with Net Control, Rest Stops, & SAG Drivers. Moderate lifting may be required.  Requires a motorcycle driving license, participation in safety training & courses, background check, provide proof of current driver's license and valid insurance. (Volunteers needed Saturday, & Sunday) 
  • Photographer & Videographer- Capture key moments and interactions among participants through photos or video. Take photos of Bike Teams. Have a creative and detailed eye for action or still shots. Must own digital camera or video equipment. Provide final photos or videos to the chapter staff after the event. (Volunteers needed Saturday, & Sunday)
  • Registration Team - Greet and check-in riders, distribute T-shirts and rider jerseys to participants, be comfortable typing and using a computer. Minimal lifting required. (Volunteers needed Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)
  • Rest Stops - this is an integral part of our event!  Help set-up and decorate Rest Stop area and cheer on the riders as they are coming and going from your stop.  Top priority to monitor refreshments & food supplies, and ensure that riders are getting their well-deserved break.  Be in communication with Net Control, MSC, & SAG Drivers on additional needs such as if a rider needs first aid, rider is requesting support, and when supplies need replenishment. At end of the day help with taking down tent and organizing leftover supplies. (Volunteers needed Saturday & Sunday)
  • Route Marking - Using arrow signs and spray chalk, mark the cyclist’s route to ensure they are on the correct path. Groups of 2-4 head out Friday to set-up Saturday’s Route and then on Saturday to set-up Sunday’s Route. (Volunteers needed Friday & Saturday)
  • SAG Driver (Safety &Gear Driver) We provide the vehicle & the gear you provide the support. As a SAG Driver you will be assigned to a section of the route where you will roam the route to ensure the safety of our cyclist. Throughout the day you will be in communication with Net Control, Rest Stops, & MSC. Often you are called upon to transport a cyclist and their bike to either a Rest Stop or back to our campus.  Moderate lifting may be required.  Requires driving a passenger van; background check, provide proof of current driver's license and valid insurance. MUST be comfortable with directions &using a map/GPS (Volunteers needed Saturday, & Sunday)
  • ILD Tour de Farms Volunteer posterSpirit Volunteers- Cheer the riders and congratulate them on a job well done as they return to finish line. Help hand out participation medals. (Volunteers needed Saturday, & Sunday)
  • Supply Truck & Cargo Van Driver - Drive, load and unload trucks and vans carrying supplies, ice and refrigerated items to Rest Stops throughout the weekend. Moderate to heavy lifting may be required. Drivers with commercial licenses preferred. (Volunteers needed Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)
  • Team Tent Village Set-up - Load and unload supplies and equipment, set up and take down fencing, banners, scaffolding and bike racks. Moderate to heavy lifting may be required. (Volunteers needed Friday)
  • Team Tent Village Floater – Be available throughout your shift to help staff and team tents as needed. Such as driving golf carts to bring supplies to tents. Help with the overall cleanliness of the site. You are the one who is always happy to step in if someone needs a break! Moderate to Heavy lifting (Volunteers needed Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)
  • Volunteer, Concierge, & Mission Tents – Be a welcoming face to volunteers and participants. These three tents are close by and you may float between them. You may be checking in volunteers and explaining their roles, or answering questions as the concierge, or hanging out in the Mission Tent encourage people to create signs, grab some pom poms & cowbells to cheer on their loved ones and educate individuals about MS and the Society. (Volunteers needed Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

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Questions? Contact Sarah Patulo at or call (312) 423-1139.

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