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Ride Day Info

important Please note significant changes have been made to the route after the Mays Landing Rest Stop, including total mileage, the location of the last rest stop and the bridge used to enter Ocean City. View all ride weekend details.

View the Start Location Details page for start times, locations, directions, and times.

August | September | Post-Event | Registration Fee Schedule

April 1: Ocean City Team Housing Request Form Available

June 1: Ocean City Housing Opens

July: Bike Shop Training Rides

CTS long sleeve

August: Bike Shop Training Rides

August 1: Early Money Turn-In/ Long Sleeve T-Shirt Deadline
Turn in $500 to receive a commemorative City to Shore long-sleeved T-shirt! A list will be posted and shirts will be mailed in late August to those that qualified. **We must have received your $500 by August 1 to qualify.** Congratulations to our 2016 recipients. Click here for additional fundraising incentives, including a commemorative jersey.

August 18 to September 22: Bike Inspections
To receive free bike maintenance ride weekend from our sponsoring bike shops, your bike must have a Bike MS Inspected sticker. Learn more.

August 21: Rider Expo, presented by XFINITY Live! & Rider Number Pick Up All you need to know about City to Shore. All in one place. Plus, in 2017, new info, fun, food, drink specials and more!  This will be the first opportunity to obtain your rider number. Click here for details.

August 31: Team Tent Reservation Deadline

August 31: Rider Number Mailing Deadline
To receive your rider number in the mail, we must have received your required waiver/safety pledge and minimum $300 donation. See Participation Requirements tab for more information.

rider number 2014September: Bike Shop Training Rides

September (after Labor Day - September 4): Rider Numbers Mailed (to those meeting the August 31 deadline)

September 2: Group Riding Skills courses

September 8: Team Tent Payment Deadline

September 9: Group Riding Skills courses

September 15: Responsible Cyclist Pledge Deadline

September 16: Group Riding Skills courses

September 22: Last day for Bike Inspections
To receive free bike maintenance ride weekend from our sponsoring bike shops, your bike must have a Bike MS Inspected sticker. Learn more.

September 23 and 24: The ride
To receive your rider number and participate, we must have received your required waiver/safety pledge and minimum $300 donation. See Participation Requirements tab for more information. 

October 31: Prize Form, Plaque Request (Posted in October) and Money Turn-In Deadline

December 6: Awards Dinner (invitations will be sent via email after Oct 31)

December 31: Save your 2017 Data
Log in to your 2017 City to Shore Ride account and save your Donor List and Team Roster (team captains). This data will not carry over once the 2017 event is closed.

Registration Fee Schedule*:

*This is a nonrefundable/nontransferable fee. Fee for cyclists only. Volunteers do not pay a registration fee.

> $20 through 10/31/16
> $35 through 1/19/17
> $50 through 5/25/17
> $65 through 8/24/17
> $75 through 9/14/17
> $100 through 9/23/17

*Please note: Registration will close early if our registration cap is reached. 

What to wear

We are delighted to welcome Primal Wear as the official apparel of Bike MS and invite you to check out Sponsors & Offers to see their specials for Bike MS participants.

So what should you wear for Bike MS?

  • Helmet - of course! You should wear one every time you ride, and you must when you ride in Bike MS. Modern helmets are lightweight, airy, and stylish as well.
  • Jersey - a cycling jersey with rear pockets is handy for carrying snacks, your wallet and other items. Summer jerseys are usually made from a material that wicks moisture way from the skin, keeping you drier and more comfortable. Plenty of casual riders simply pull on a T-shirt, but realize that sweat (or a rain shower) makes cotton heavy and clammy.
  • Shorts - cycling shorts are no joke. They are key to minimizing chafing and other discomforts when sitting on a saddle for any length of time. Good shorts have a large, smooth, lightly padded liner ("chamois”). If you don't care for the skintight look of Lycra, opt for the "baggie” mountain bike style that look like casual shorts but still has a liner. Being a loose fit, though, means they could bunch uncomfortably during long rides.
  • Gloves - short-finger cycling gloves absorb perspiration for a safer grip, protect against raw spots and blisters, and pad your palms to reduce road shock. Most have a terry back that gives you a way to wipe sweat from your eyes or energy drink from your chin.
  • Shoes and socks - dedicated cycling shoes, either for road riding or mountain biking, are the best choice. The reason? Very firm soles that let you press as hard as you want without feeling uncomfortable pedal pressure. You can use mountain bike style shoes with or without toe clips and straps, or with clipless pedal systems. Plenty of casual riders simply wear running shoes, but their softness makes them less suitable for longer distances. Socks are important for comfort and sweat absorption. Choose the low-cut style if you're worried about a funny tan line.
  • Sunglasses - it's best to use a sports model with unbreakable lenses that have 100% UV protection. The wraparound style will reduce bothersome wind, important if you wear contacts.

If you need some help training for Bike MS, make sure to read about Training Resources and remember to also read about Rider Safety.

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Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!