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Routes & Maps

As you are getting ready to ride, check out the options you have for your Bike MS challenge.

important Please note significant changes have been made to the route after the Mays Landing Rest Stop, including total mileage, the location of the last rest stop and the bridge used to enter Ocean City.  For the first time ever, cyclists will be entering Ocean City via the 9th Street bridge/Stainton Memorial Causeway (Rt.52).

As always, it is important that all cyclists follow route markings, practice safe and courteous cycling behavior, and follow ALL police and volunteer direction.

Important Information for Cyclists When Entering Ocean City via the 9th Street bridge/Stainton Memorial Causeway (Rt.52)

Please be aware and adhere to the following:

  • As always, follow ALL police and volunteer direction.
  • Cyclists will have access to the right inbound lane and shoulder along the bridge into Ocean City. The Fishing Pier and Information Center will be open
  • When approaching the bottom of the bridge in Ocean City:
      > Slow down
      > Be prepared to stop – cyclists will be stopped at the bottom of the bridge
      > Look for police officer’s signal
  • Upon entry into Ocean City cyclists will be held and released in several locations to ensure safe passage from the base of the bridge to the traditional finish line at 5th & the boardwalk. Cyclists will be released when it is determined by police that it is safe to proceed.
  • Please be patient and follow all directives.

We appreciate the support and partnership of Ocean City and all the counties and municipalities along the route to ensure the continued success of this ride.

Spectators, Friends, Family and Volunteers

Help reduce additional vehicular traffic on the 9th Street bridge/Stainton Memorial Causeway (Rt.52). All spectators, friends, family and volunteers planning to come the Ocean City finish line are asked and encouraged to instead take the Longport Bridge or 34th Street Bridge.

NOTE TO CYCLISTS RIDING SUNDAY: The route opens at 6:30 a.m. from 6th Street & the Boardwalk. All cyclists MUST be on the road by 8 a.m. Please depart the start line on 6th Street and ensure you are staying in the shoulder crossing the bridge. Use caution when entering the left hand turn lane at the base of the bridge in Somers Point. As always, follow the rules of the road and police direction. Click here for additional Sunday morning details.

2017 Route Map


Click the image above for a larger version.

Click here for the 2017 route.

This route is fully marked! Please reference the Route Support tab for more details.

2017 Cue Sheets

(all files below are .pdf and will open in a new window) 

25-Mile Route Option: Saturday

45-Mile Route Option: Saturday

75-Mile Route Option: Saturday

75-Mile Route Option: Sunday

100-Mile Route Option: Saturday

Bike MS communities

Please be respectful of the communities that support and welcome Bike MS! Their hospitality makes this event possible. Every effort is made to keep you safe. Where possible, local law enforcement agencies have been recruited to help you travel through intersections and on shared roadways. Be courteous, as they help you travel safely through their communities.

Personal SAG vehicles prohibited

Personal SAG vehicles are not permitted on the route. Please understand our need to cut down on vehicular traffic for your safety. We provide SAG vehicles and full route support, which you can read about Route Support.

important Please note significant changes have been made to the route after the Mays Landing Rest Stop, including total mileage, the location of the last rest stop and the bridge used to enter Ocean City.  Reference the Maps tab for details.

Brutal winter conditions have left a lasting mark on the infrastructure of South Jersey roadways, including the route for Bike MS: City to Shore. Road surfaces in some townships may still be rough or bumpy, but this is still the safest route to the shore. Be cautious. Your safety - and the safety of those riding with you - depends on you.

Be a Responsible Cyclist (RC) at City to Shore. Visit the Safety page for more information, and review these important reminders and rules of the road being mailed to all cyclists.

Route Options | Important Reminders

One-day (Saturday-only) options:

> 25-mile
Mays Landing, N.J. (Oakcrest High School) start with one fully-stocked rest stop

> 45-mile
Hammonton, N.J. (Atlantic Commerce Center) start with three rest stops

> Traditional Route (75-mile)* 
Cherry Hill, N.J. (PATCO Woodcrest Station) start with five rest stops, including lunch

> Century (100 miles)
Cherry Hill, N.J. (PATCO Woodcrest Station) start with six rest stops, including lunch.

We provide transportation back to your start site. Click here for more information >

Two-day options:

> Traditional (75-mile)* each day with five rest stops, including lunch.*

Two-day Century option: 100 miles on Saturday with six rest stops and 75 miles on Sunday with five rest stops. Lunch is included both days.

Riding both days and need housing? Click here for information on Saturday night accommodations. We transport your luggage!

Important Reminders

We ride rain or shine. Please be prepared for rain, cold weather or very sunny conditions. Weather can change overnight so prepare for every scenario. Stay tuned to our site and your inbox for up-to-date announcements regarding inclement weather.

 > Century Closing: 11:30 a.m.

The century route loop will close promptly at 11:30 a.m. at mile 46.3. No cyclists will be permitted onto the century route after this time. Please plan your ride accordingly and ensure you depart in the initial release.   

Route Closing: 5 p.m.
The Bike MS route will close at 5 p.m. each day. We will make every effort to work with you to complete the ride. All cyclists on the road after 5 p.m. must take the bus in to the finish line.

If you encounter a mechanical problem while riding and need assistance, move completely off to the side of the road and turn your bike upside down.

Your extraordinary Bike MS experience includes fantastic support. While you ride, you should only be concerned about two things: riding safely and having fun! We take care of all the rest.

Here are just a few of the volunteer groups you can count on during event weekend:

route markingRoute Markings

We make every effort to ensure you won’t get lost. The route will be clearly marked with orange direction signs, including on straightaways, so you will know you're riding in the right direction.

First Class Rest Stop Support

Rest stops approximately every 15 miles featuring:
 > Fun festivities and smiling faces
 > Food, food, food! Including drinks, snacks and lunch at the Hammonton stop (grilled chicken sandwiches or a vegetarian alternative)
 > First aid stations 
 > Mechanical support from local bike shops. 

**Only authorized Bike MS vehicles and cyclists are permitted access to the rest stops ride weekend. All other vehicular traffic is prohibited.

Thank you to our rest stop sponsors: Subaru and NovaCare Rehabilitation

SAG Wagons

Just can’t push another pedal, or just need a ride to the next stop? These van & truck duos rove the route and rest stops. Flip your bike upside down and look for the first SAG wagon to come your way. Give the thumbs-down signal if you want to be picked up. You and your bike will be transported.

NOTE: The trip into the finish line is not always direct. Be patient as we pick up other cyclists in need. If you only want a ride to the next rest stop, let the driver know.  Always remember to thank your driver, who is volunteering his or her time for the weekend to support you.

Personal SAG Vehicles PROHIBITED

Personal SAG vehicles are not permitted on the route. Please understand our need to cut down on vehicular traffic for YOUR SAFETY. 

Bicycle tagalongs, trailers and carriers will not be permitted per the Society’s minor policy

Mechanical Support

Get your bike inspected prior to ride weekend to identify major issues. Sponsoring bike shops will provide minor repairs on the road and at rest stops on ride weekend. View City to Shore sponsoring bike shops.

Communications Team

Communications volunteers are stationed along the route. If you encounter an accident or other emergency, let the communications volunteer know. They are easy to spot: just look for a car with a really big antenna!

These volunteers are there for communication purposes and are not permitted to direct traffic.

Road Marshals

These motorcycle volunteers can be found at "trouble" intersections and along the route. They monitor and guide cyclist traffic, but are not permitted to stop vehicular traffic. When you see a road marshal volunteer, ride with caution. They’ll be wearing orange vests and waving orange flags so you can’t miss them. For more information on volunteering as a road marshal click here.

Medical Support

Emergency medical support travels the entire route in the event that a cyclist may be injured. Help us provide top-notch first aid by completing the back of your rider number. In addition, an emergency number will be printed on the wristband included in your rider number packet. Use this number during the ride if you spot an accident. First aid stations will also be available.

Police and Communities Who Welcome Us

Every effort is made keep you safe. Where possible, local police have been recruited to help you travel through hazardous intersections and on busy roadways. Be courteous, as they help you travel safely through their communities.

We are also working with local police, the Department of Homeland Security, and the townships we ride through to ensure all necessary safety measures and response plans are in place.

SubaruBike MS staff and key volunteers will be monitoring the route. A special thanks to Subaru, official car sponsor of City to Shore.  


Thank you to our premier national sponsors

Thank you to our local sponsors

Become a Sponsor

Live Events

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