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Bike MS Champions

Everyone has a different reason for getting involved in Bike MS. For some it’s the challenge. For others it’s the camaraderie. But for many more it’s the opportunity to help people living with MS. Even if you may not have a personal connection to MS currently, ultimately by participating, you are coming together to ride, fundraise and help people living with MS move their lives forward.

If you are an individual living with MS and participating in Bike MS, click here for more information about the “I Ride with MS” program.

Wear Your Ribbon Proudly | Bike MS Champions

Champions RibbonIf you are riding for someone in particular, have them sign their name on the orange ribbon you’ll receive in your rider number packet.

In addition to promoting awareness, the orange ribbon serves as a reminder of why we ride. You can pin it to your jersey or your rider number, or attach it to your bike; either way you are showing your support. Proudly wear this ribbon ride weekend and show your support in creating a world free of MS.

Learn why other City to Shore and Bike to the Bay teams and individuals are riding, including this video of City to Shore top fundraiser Albert DeRitis:

2017 MS Champions

Even if you may not have a personal connection to MS currently, you are riding for someone by participating in Bike MS. Meet our Champions below and read how your fundraising dollars are making a difference in the lives of people living with MS in our area.

LuzSelenia Loeb

LuzSelenia Loeb

"Whenever I’ve needed something, the National MS Society has been there. Not only have they provided direct assistance, but they’ve also connected me to other people living with MS and that has been invaluable and truly life changing."

     Read Luz's Story

Kendra LeMauro

Kendra LeMauro

"I am so grateful to everyone who raises money for MS. You helped make my house more accessible and provided emotional counseling when my family needed it. And when you have MS, knowing that someone is there to help makes all the difference in the world."

     Read Kendra's Story

Michael Black-Smith

Michael Black-Smith

"We were dealing with issues like what happens to my career, and do we start a family. The biggest thing the MS Society has done for me is to facilitate that support group and publicize it to the community."

Read Michael's Story

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