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National Teams

Make an even bigger impact.

Composed of fundraising teams located in multiple markets, national teams raised over $10.8 million in 2014 to fund critical research, programs and services to help people living with MS and their families.

Motivated by a committed national team captain and a world free of MS, national teams are provided with a dedicated Society liaison, web page, and a suite of resources and tools to help maximize fundraising results and revenue.

Interested in starting a National Team?

Please contact us to learn how your company can help make a difference in the lives of people affected by MS while benefiting from the employee engagement and camaraderie fostered through national teams.

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Tools & Resources

Learn more about building your National Team with these helpful resources.

Featured team

"Gears to a Cure" team members like to have fun while helping to create a world free of MS. Each year, they join forces at a number of events, including Walk MS, Bike MS, Hike MS, Challenge Walk MS, Muck Fest MS and more across the country.

Over the past 19 years, teammates had previously joined other teams for National MS Society events in their effort to end MS. It wasn't until 2014 that the National Team, "Gears to a Cure" was born. Close friends and soon-to-be teammates all participated in the Race Across America. Eight cyclists and 16 crew members spent 6 days, 15 hours and 43 minutes racing 3,000 miles across America. Their entire mission during the race was to raise awareness and funds for MS!

They made such a close connection during the race that they wanted to keep their team going and participate in any National MS Society event they could.Gears to a Cure now has a goal of having team representation in every state at a National MS Society event. Currently, Gears to a Cure has team members in 9 states and is still growing.

"We wanted to make an impact on a national level. Our greatest desire is to bring awareness to multiple sclerosis, fundraise like crazy, and do everything in our power to improve the quality of life not only for our precious husbands, but for all of our friends who are now like family and live with MS every single day of their lives! They are truly our heroes!" - Joy, team member

We asked Joy, "Why Challenge Walk MS?"

"Challenge Walk is one of our favorite National MS Society events ever!" After our first year, I remember going home and telling friends that this event was like no other MS event we have ever participated in. At Challenge Walk, I seriously felt as if I had found my people: I met friends who are equally passionate about finding a cure for MS! Spending 3 days walking 50 miles with the most amazing people I have ever met was truly medicine for my soul.What a gift to walk for hours, meeting new friends and hearing stories of why they walk or who they're walking for. It is truly an honor and privilege to walk alongside my friends living with MS who persevere and fight to the finish line. Challenge Walk is so incredibly humbling! What could be better than spending 3 days walking 50 miles with the most inspiring people you'd ever meet? We're counting down the months until we're all together again at Challenge Walk!

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