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Team Resources


Teams are an amazing part of our Challenge Walk MS event!


Each year nearly 75% of Challenge Walk MS participants make a bigger impact by walking as part of a team. Utilize this page to learn more about the benefits of walking with a team, how to start or join a team, find out what other teams are doing, and to take advantage of the many captain tools and resources provided to help you reach your goals.

Follow these steps below to get started today!

Team Captain Checklist:

  1. Just Begin!

    Register first in order to create a team. It's easy! If you registered as an individual, but would like to join or start a team please contact us with the name of the team you'd like to join or start and we'll make it happen.

  2. 2016 Challenge Walk MS Team Captain Guide

    Use this detailed guide to get off to the right start as a Team Captain for Challenge Walk MS.

  3. Set your team goal.

    Use this Challenge Walk MS Goal Setting Sheet to set a team goal that will motivate everyone to do their best.

  4. Set up your team page.

    Use the Participant Center Guide for step by step instructions on utilizing the team captain resources available in your Participant Center, such as updating your team goal, updating your Team page, sending recruitment and team emails, tracking your progress, managing your roster and much more!

  5. Enlist your colleagues, friends and family members.

    Recruit more people to the team. They can register by clicking "Join a Team" and searching for your team name. Or, you (the team captain) can email one of the Suggested Messages from your Participant Center and the new team members can register through a link provided.

  6. Communicate.

    Forward along to your team members any pertinent information that you get from the National MS Society regarding team/fundraising contests, event details, and your team ranking.

  7. Be a cheerleader!

    Once team members have begun registering, send out emails to the team, welcome new members, congratulate those who reach fundraising milestones, and create fundraising challenges for your team members.

  8. Make a team t-shirt.

    It's a great way to identify your team members the day of event and instills camaraderie.

  9. Plan and share day of event details.

    Are you meeting somewhere special? Do you need to send team lodging information? Are you wearing team t-shirts or coordinated outfits? Send the details to your team members so they feel included and can have as much fun as possible throughout the event!

Whether you measure success by the size of your team, or the amount fundraised, the more the merrier is our motto.

Team Recruiting

Team members can be anybody—family members, friends, co-workers, or even neighbors. Whether you're a corporate team or a friends and family team, just be sure to ask everyone you know. Remember, team captains must register themselves first and create a team before team members are able to join or register.

Be bold! The first step is to ask. Enthusiasm and spirit are contagious—your friends and family will want to join the movement when they see how committed and excited you are.

Think outside your neighborhood. Use this experience as a meaningful reason to reunite friends and family who live around the nation. They can fundraise and train at their homes, and then join you on the day of the event. Keep each other motivated by e-mail or phone or surprise each other by sending care packages.

(Leading isn't your cup of tea? Convince someone else you know to lead the group, or join an existing team.)

The benefits of forming a team include being eligible for contests throughout the year as well as being eligible for team awards at the end of the season. We highly encourage you to recruit as many people as possible to join you.

Team Fundraising

Fundraising comes more naturally when you make it personal. If your team is participating for someone living with MS, ask them to share their story when making donation requests. Always follow these stories with statements about how much progress we have made in helping people with MS live their best lives. Another easy way to fundraise is through matching gifts, so be sure to ask anyone who donates to you if their company has a matching gifts program.

Some ideas that work well for teams:

  • Throw a team challenge party. You can each take on a task, such as food or decorations, sending the invites or hosting. Invite a representative from the National MS Society to the party to answer any questions your team may have.
  • Set up an informational meeting at your company: Invite your co-workers to be a part of your corporate team by donating, volunteering or participating. Don't forget to invite the CEO of your company to get involved with the team. When the boss gets involved, everyone else will want to join you. A representative from the National MS Society would be happy to speak at your meeting to discuss the event and share the mission of the MS Society.

As a team member (or team captain) you can fundraise like everyone else. Instead of your fundraising going directly to the overall team, we funnel it there through you first. So, when you turn in a check or receive a donation online, you get the individual credit for it and your team also receives credit for it. This allows you to qualify for the individual clubs and the team awards. Check out other Fundraising Tips and Tools for more great ideas.

Have fun!

Our events are about a community coming together to create a world free of MS and the accomplishment of a unique personal challenge! As a leader, you get the opportunity to remind your teammates of why they are participating. These are more than fundraising events—they are celebrations of how far we've come together.

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