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Awards & Incentives

Fundraising Clubs and Benefits for Teams and Individuals

We love to reward our riders and teams who go the extra mile with their fundraising for Bike MS!

Mission First

Choose "Mission First" for your prize.

You earned your prize, but you may prefer the cost of that prize go to helping the cause. The Mission First Club directs those funds back to our mission—a world free of MS! To join, simply choose "Mission First" as your prize selection, and instead of receiving a prize, you'll receive the satisfaction of knowing those dollars are advancing the mission of the National MS Society.

Bike MS: Sam’s Club Round Up Ride Prizes

The National MS Society provides prizes each year to reward our top fundraisers for their efforts. Each of the prize incentives are based on the money raised by a participant, through July 31st, 2017. Club 100, Club K, and Top 10 teams fundraising deadline is August 31st.

To review the prize award levels, visit the prize redemption page here.

Beginning with Level 2, you may opt for a bike shop gift certificate* as your prize. All gift cards are issued through the chapter office, for the amount listed below, and are redeemable at the following sponsoring bike shops.

  • Level 2 - $30 Gift Card
  • Level 3 - $50 Gift Card
  • Level 4 - $100 Gift Card
  • Level 5 - $200 Gift Card
  • Level 6 - $300 Gift Card
  • Level 7 - $400 Gift Card
  • Level 8 - $500 Gift Card (or Tour of Champions)

*gift cards NOT valid on bicycle purchases, and no cash back.

Level 8 prize selection is made through the chapter office. Contact to select bike shop gift card, or Tour of Champions, as your prize. Those wishing to attend Tour of Champions need to contact by July 12, 2017.

Bicycles, Inc.
• 143 E Harwood Rd, Hurst, TX 76054
• 2105 W Southlake Blvd, #225, Southlake, TX 76092
• 5739 SW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76017
• 5125 Granbury Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76133

Plano Cycling & Fitness
• 605 18th St, Plano, TX 75074

Richardson Bike Mart
• 1451 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, Tx 75080
• 8820 John Hickman Pkwy, Frisco, Tx 75035
• 9040 Garland Rd, Dallas, Tx 75218

Mellow Johnny’s
• 4801 Edwards Ranch Rd #125, Fort Worth, Tx 76109

Bike MS Passport Riders

As you are getting ready to ride, check out the options you have for your Bike MS challenge.

Raise $5k, earn the Bike MS Passport.

Cyclists who have raised at least $5,000 at Bike MS are eligible to become a member of the elite National Bike MS Passport Program, a special club for top fundraisers across the country. Passport Program members have the opportunity to ride in any other Bike MS ride without needing to meet the fundraising requirement. Learn more here.

Club 100

The Club 100 is comprised of the top 100 fundraisers from the 2016 Bike MS: Round-Up Ride. This amazing group of people raised nearly $600,000 in 2016, with an average per member of $5,992.91! On behalf of all people living with multiple sclerosis and all of us at the National MS Society, thank you for changing the world for people living with MS.

Club 100 Perks

Club 100
  • An invitation for you and a guest to attend our Club 100 party, which includes the opportunity to get your rider packet and number without waiting in lines
  • Special goodie bags with exclusive Club 100 merchandise
  • "Club 100" rider bib with your number and name, so others can recognize your stellar fundraising efforts throughout ride weekend
  • A personalized finishers medal
  • Access to VIP tent at Overnight and Finish Line, with premium food and beverage
  • A personalized "Thank You!" sign on the route during event weekend
  • Individual recognition on the event website
  • A dedicated staff member to assist you with any needs you may have throughout the year
  • Parking Passes for event weekend

Fundraising Clubs Flyer

Thank you to our 2017 Club 100!
1Brian Jones 35Katherine Clapner 68Kirt Woolsey
2Joel Roffman 36Owen Marx 69Kelly Lynch
3Cathy Casey 37Scott Bushor 70Terri Woodlee
4Jim Casey 38Christopher Swam 71Mark Curtis
5Angie Parham 39Shawn Bonsell 72Stephen Dickerson
6Alice Laussade 40Quincy Wallace 73Marty Whitted
7John Hamlett 41Chris Howard 74Patrick Armes
8Mike Laussade 42James Harris 75Max Chesser
9Blair Stephenson 43Thomas Read 76Solange Sanderson
10Melanie Capps 44Melissa Wheeler 77Harry Mason
11Tim Harper 45Amy Puckett 78Bradley Dean
12Mark Rogers 46David Baker 79Aaron Emma
13Neta Davis 47John Keenan 80Paul Hurd
14Keith Siebert 48Connie Hughes 81Michael Berenzweig
15Wayne Mccraw 49Ian Wright 82Roland Fillion-Robin
16Ward Chewning 50Melissa Wainman 83Steven Midgley
17Michele Hunter 51Heather Mcrae 84Kyle Laferney
18Geraldine Owens 52Ronald Kostelny 85Martha Trubey
19Greg Moldovan 53Charles Collins 86Jill Mendenhall
20Alan Faddis 54Mark Daniel 87Brad Aumann
21Anna Leigh Kirk 55Leighton Wood 88Robert Kramer
22Bob Kwiatkowski 56Tom Francese 89Cathy Beatty
23Audrey Lam 57Grace Arnold 90Andrew Maidment
24Bob Wagner 58Angela Tortorice 91Mike Smith
25Michael Tenbusch 59Brittany Cepak 92Todd Ammermann
26Catherine Nussbaum 60Shepherd Robinson 93Tharon Johnson
27Rob Lowther 61Janet Reid 94Daniel Callahan
28Ford Baker 62Kevin Libby 95Larry Conley
29Kep Kepner 63Kate Swail 96Jody Turnbow
30Lynn Howard 64Suzanne Butler 97Kristin Nethers
31Jill Weinberg 65Matt Ruibal 98Jason Maze
32Sterling Smith 66Nicole Dogan 99Mike Merrill
33Rick Martinez 67Jeff Lipschultz 100David Boland
34Thad Prugh

Thank you to our 2017 Club 100!

  • 1. Brian Jones
  • 2. Joel Roffman
  • 3. Cathy Casey
  • 4. Jim Casey
  • 5. Angie Parham
  • 6. Alice Laussade
  • 7. John Hamlett
  • 8. Mike Laussade
  • 9. Blair Stephenson
  • 10. Melanie Capps
  • 11. Tim Harper
  • 12. Mark Rogers
  • 13. Neta Davis
  • 14. Keith Siebert
  • 15. Wayne Mccraw
  • 16. Ward Chewning
  • 17. Michele Hunter
  • 18. Geraldine Owens
  • 19. Greg Moldovan
  • 20. Alan Faddis
  • 21. Anna Leigh Kirk
  • 22. Bob Kwiatkowski
  • 23. Audrey Lam
  • 24. Bob Wagner
  • 25. Michael Tenbusch
  • 26. Catherine Nussbaum
  • 27. Rob Lowther
  • 28. Ford Baker
  • 29. Kep Kepner
  • 30. Lynn Howard
  • 31. Jill Weinberg
  • 32. Sterling Smith
  • 33. Rick Martinez
  • 35. Katherine Clapner
  • 36. Owen Marx
  • 37. Scott Bushor
  • 38. Christopher Swam
  • 39. Shawn Bonsell
  • 40. Quincy Wallace
  • 41. Chris Howard
  • 42. James Harris
  • 43. Thomas Read
  • 44. Melissa Wheeler
  • 45. Amy Puckett
  • 46. David Baker
  • 47. John Keenan
  • 48. Connie Hughes
  • 49. Ian Wright
  • 50. Melissa Wainman
  • 51. Heather Mcrae
  • 52. Ronald Kostelny
  • 53. Charles Collins
  • 54. Mark Daniel
  • 55. Leighton Wood
  • 56. Tom Francese
  • 57. Grace Arnold
  • 58. Angela Tortorice
  • 59. Brittany Cepak
  • 60. Shepherd Robinson
  • 61. Janet Reid
  • 62. Kevin Libby
  • 63. Kate Swail
  • 64. Suzanne Butler
  • 65. Matt Ruibal
  • 66. Nicole Dogan
  • 67. Jeff Lipschultz
  • 68. Kirt Woolsey
  • 69. Kelly Lynch
  • 70. Terri Woodlee
  • 71. Mark Curtis
  • 72. Stephen Dickerson
  • 73. Marty Whitted
  • 74. Patrick Armes
  • 75. Max Chesser
  • 76. Solange Sanderson
  • 77. Harry Mason
  • 78. Bradley Dean
  • 79. Aaron Emma
  • 80. Paul Hurd
  • 81. Michael Berenzweig
  • 82. Roland Fillion-Robin
  • 83. Steven Midgley
  • 84. Kyle Laferney
  • 85. Martha Trubey
  • 86. Jill Mendenhall
  • 87. Brad Aumann
  • 88. Robert Kramer
  • 89. Cathy Beatty
  • 90. Andrew Maidment
  • 91. Mike Smith
  • 92. Todd Ammermann
  • 93. Tharon Johnson
  • 94. Daniel Callahan
  • 95. Larry Conley
  • 96. Jody Turnbow
  • 97. Kristin Nethers
  • 98. Jason Maze
  • 99. Mike Merrill
  • 100. David Boland

Club K

The Club K is comprised of all fundraisers who raised $1,000 or more for the 2016 Bike MS: Round-Up Ride (up to the 101st top fundraiser). In 2016, 288 riders qualified, raising over $480,000 for an average-per-rider of $1,607.37! On behalf of all people living with multiple sclerosis and all of us at the National MS Society, thank you for changing the world for people living with MS.

Club K Perks

Club K
  • Club K Packet Pick-Up
  • Special goodie bag with exclusive Club K gear and gifts
  • "Club K" rider bib indicating your club membership, so you can be recognized for your fundraising efforts
  • Access to VIP tent at the Overnight and Finish Line, with premium food and beverage
  • A dedicated staff member to assist you with any needs you may have throughout the year

Thank You to our 2017 Club K!

Download the Club K Listing

Fundraising Clubs Flyer

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