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Awards & Incentives

Fundraising Clubs and Benefits for Teams and Individuals

We love to reward our riders and teams who go the extra mile with their fundraising for Bike MS!

Mission First

Choose "Mission First" for your prize.

You earned your prize, but you may prefer the cost of that prize go to helping the cause. The Mission First Club directs those funds back to our mission—a world free of MS! To join, simply choose "Mission First" as your prize selection, and instead of receiving a prize, you'll receive the satisfaction of knowing those dollars are advancing the mission of the National MS Society.

Top Bike MS fundraisers will qualify for an Official Bike Store voucher or a selection from the online prize redemption center. The deadline to qualify for prizes is Friday, Aug. 4, 2017. We will mail a postcard to qualified participants in early September with a URL to visit and select prizes. Prize certificates will be mailed out by Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017.

Below you'll see how much you need to raise for the voucher price levels:

  • Raise $750, get a voucher for $25
  • Raise $1,000, get a voucher for $50
  • Raise $2,000, get a voucher for $100
  • Raise $3,000, get a voucher for $150
  • Raise $4,000, get a voucher for $200
  • Raise $11,000, get a voucher for $500
  • Raise $25,000, get a voucher for $1,000
Bike MS Passport Riders

As you are getting ready to ride, check out the options you have for your Bike MS challenge.

Raise $5k, earn the Bike MS Passport.

Cyclists who have raised at least $5,000 at Bike MS are eligible to become a member of the elite National Bike MS Passport Program, a special club for top fundraisers across the country. Passport Program members have the opportunity to ride in any other Bike MS ride without needing to meet the fundraising requirement. Learn more here.

While we know you fundraise to do something about MS, it’s always nice to receive a pat on the back for a job well done. The various clubs and recognition components below do just that! It’s our way of shouting from the top of the mountains that we think you’re the greatest!

Top 100 Bike MSTop 100 Club

Aside from the of being one of the Top 100 Bike MS fundraisers in Colorado, in the top 1% of Bike MS fundraisers, club members receive:

  • FREE registration!
  • FREE Top 100 Club jersey
  • Special bib on event weekend
  • Access to the VIP tent on event weekend
  • Access to the VIP restrooms on event weekend
  • An invitation for two to the annual High Roller Training Ride
  • An invitation to the VIP Reception at the Closer to a Cure Celebration in November
  • Public recognition of achievement

View the 2017 Top 100 Fundraisers here.

COC Bike High Roller ClubHigh Roller Club

Raise $2,000 or more to become a Bike MS High Roller! The many benefits include:

  • FREE registration!
  • FREE High Roller Club jersey
  • Special bib on event weekend
  • Invitation to the annual High Roller Training Ride
  • Access to VIP restrooms on event weekend
  • Public recognition of achievement
  • An invitation to the Closer to a Cure Celebration in November

View the 2017 High Roller Club members.

Premium Pedaler Club Logo for websitePremium Pedaler Club

Raise $1,000 - $1,999 to join the Premium Pedaler Club! We will celebrate your achievements by giving you:

  • A special bib on event weekend
  • Free event jersey
  • Discounted registration

View the 2017 Premium Pedaler Club members.

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

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