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Awards & Incentives

Fundraising Clubs and Benefits for Teams and Individuals

We love to reward our riders and teams who go the extra mile with their fundraising for Bike MS!

Mission First

Choose "Mission First" for your prize.

You earned your prize, but you may prefer the cost of that prize go to helping the cause. The Mission First Club directs those funds back to our mission—a world free of MS! To join, simply choose "Mission First" as your prize selection, and instead of receiving a prize, you'll receive the satisfaction of knowing those dollars are advancing the mission of the National MS Society.

Individual Fundraising Incentive Levels

Bike MS Atlanta Peach Ride T-shirt$350 

Commemorative Event T-Shirt (pictured at right - click for a larger version)

Bike MS T-shirt$500

Early Fundraising Incentive! Raise $500 by August 1st and receive a tech tee (pictured at left - click for a larger version) for this year's ride! You must have $500 in your fundraising account by August 1st to receive this incentive.

All offline donations (i.e. check or cash) MUST have a postmark date of July 10 in order to count towards this year’s incentive. GAA 2017 Bike MS Atlanta Peach Ride - Vest

$1,500 Level

Raise $1500 and receive a Top Fundraiser fleece vest! (pictured at right - click for a larger version)

$3,000 Level

Raise $3000 and receive a pair of custom bike shorts from Primal! (pictured at right - click for a larger version)GAA 2017 Bike MS Atlanta Peach Ride Bike Shorts

$5,000 Level

If you raise more than $5,000 in 2017, you can ride in any Bike MS event in the country for free with no fundraising commitment in 2018! (However, you must already be registered to ride again at the Peach Ride in 2018.) If you qualified for your National Passport, please call 855-372-1331 or email

$7,000 and $10,000 Levels

Tour of Champions is a special weekend-long opportunity for top fundraisers across the Southeast Region to meet, share ideas and celebrate their accomplishments. Participants who raise $7,000 are eligible to attend Tour of Champions or $10,000 to attend with a guest at no charge. To show our appreciation for your fundraising efforts, the cost of travel, hotel and group expenses is covered. The location changes every year for this event and is currently TBD for 2017.

Top 100 Club

Our Top 100 Club fundraisers will receive a commemorative jersey and an invitation to our annual Top 100 party! To earn a place in the Top 100, you typically need to raise more than $1,000 as that has been the fundraising threshold in the past. However, this changes every year!

GAA 2017 Bike MS Atlanta Peach Ride Top 100

Team Fundraising Levels and Recognition Opportunities

  • The Top 10 Overall Fundraising Teams will be recognized with an award at the Post-Ride Celebration in early December!
  • Teams will also be recognized on ride weekend and at the Post-Ride Celebration based on the following fundraising levels:
    • $50,000 and Up – Platinum
    • $49,999 - $30,000 – Gold
    • $29,999 - $15,000 – Silver
    • $14,999 - $5,000 – Bronze
Bike MS Passport Riders

As you are getting ready to ride, check out the options you have for your Bike MS challenge.

Raise $5k, earn the Bike MS Passport.

Cyclists who have raised at least $5,000 at Bike MS are eligible to become a member of the elite National Bike MS Passport Program, a special club for top fundraisers across the country. Passport Program members have the opportunity to ride in any other Bike MS ride without needing to meet the fundraising requirement. Learn more here.

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

Thank you to our local sponsors

If you are interested in partnering with the Bike MS: Atlanta Peach Ride, please contact us.

Become a Sponsor

Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!