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Bike Shops

Our bike shop partners are ready to help you maximize the Bike MS experience. They are a great resource on bikes, service, equipment and training advice. Visit one of them to make sure you and your bike are ready for Bike MS!

Bike Inspections

To recieve free bike maintenance the weekend of Bike MS: Atlanta Peach Ride, you must have your 'Bike MS Inspected' at one of our sponsoring bike shops prior to the ride. If you encounter a mechanical problem while riding and need assistance, move completely off to the side of the road and turn your bike upside down.

Who: All cyclists who would like to recieve FREE bike maintenance Bike MS weekend

What: A bike inspection is a few minute evaluation of the overall condition of your bike. For example: tires, brake pads, cables and housing, chain, cassette, and chain ring wear.

Where: At one of our sponsoring bike shops or at a Bike Shop Event / Training Ride.

When: Between August 1 and October 13

Why: To recieve free bike maintenance BIke MS weekend you must have your bike 'Bike MS inspected' at our of our sponsoring bike shops prior to the ride. It serves to identify any major mechanical issues that need to be repaired prior to the ride, and ensures your bike is in excellent riding condition so that everyone makes it safely to the finish line.

How: Visit your local participating bike shop before Oct. 13 to get your bike inspected and recieve the 'Bike MS Inspected' sticker

If you do not live in the area, please take your bike to your local shop for a 'once over.' Most shops will perform these for free and provide you with a reciept that you can bring with you on ride weekend.


Thank you to our premier national sponsors

Thank you to our local sponsors

If you are interested in partnering with the Bike MS: Atlanta Peach Ride, please contact us.

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Live Events

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