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Bike MS Champions

Every connection counts. Connect with a Bike MS Champion and ride for someone living with MS.

The Bike MS Champions program aims to communicate "why we ride" by highlighting the many different faces of MS and the different ways our organization meets the needs of individuals living with MS through the generous support of Bike MS participants and fundraisers.

Cyclists will receive an orange bandanna showcasing the names of featured Bike MS Champions and are encouraged to carry it during the ride for added inspiration to keep pedaling.

Keep a look-out during ride weekend for our featured 2017 Bike MS Champions and their stories. If you are riding in honor of someone you know living with MS, and they are not one of the featured 2017 Bike MS Champions, simply have your personal Champion sign the bandanna alongside the other pre-printed signatures.

Brooke Connie Freddie Jennifer Linda Sandra Tara

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If you are interested in partnering with the Bike MS: Dat's How We Roll, please contact us.

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