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Together we'll go further.

Walk MS is better together. Your team strengthens the Walk MS community by connecting you with others who are as passionate as you. Your friends, family and co-workers make Walk MS even more memorable and fun. The relationships you develop with your teams will last well beyond the day of the walk.

Teams participate with us in one of three ways: National Teams, Corporate Teams, or Friends and Family Teams.

Corporate Teams: Corporate teams have a corporate affiliation and are traditionally made up of employees of the company and friends and family members of employees.

Friends and Family Teams: Friends and Family teams are just like they sound – a group of people participating together to create a world free of MS! Sometimes these teams are walking in support of a loved one living with MS or coming together to simply support a great cause.

National Teams: National Teams are teams that participate in 4 or more markets OR have a team in more than one market and raise over $50,000. We currently have over 100 National Teams and they continue to be our strongest corporate partners. Click here to learn how to become a National Team.

Walk MS is to let [people] know that we are not alone. We are loved. We are part of a larger community. And we all share a commitment to raising money needed to support those who live with MS and the search for a cure." – Linda Goldberg, Team Co-captain of All You Need is Love... and a Cure

Walking together as a team is an experience like no other. Here is what it is all about:

Recruit. The more the merrier. Reach out to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors... pretty much anyone you can think of. This is your opportunity to share this amazing experience and enable them to make a difference and end MS forever. There's no limit how big a team can be; the sky is the limit, so get out there and start asking. You have access to easy-to-use, online tools like our mobile app (Android | iOS) and Participant Center to make your recruitment easy and hassle-free.

Fundraise. This is the big one. It's also why the first one is so important. The bigger your team is the more you're able to collectively raise. And the more you raise, the more your team is making an impact to end MS forever. Fundraising parties are always a great idea, and even more successful (and fun) when each member of the team contributes their talents and resources to help make it happen. Get more ideas on fundraising from experienced Walk MS fundraisers.

Celebrate. You won't believe how many reasons you and your teammates will have to celebrate together. Fundraising parties. Team meetings. And of course, congratulating each other at the end of the Walk.

If we are going to end MS, we can't do it alone. We need collaboration. We need connections. We need each other. We need teams. Walk MS!

Top Teams

  1 -  Caroline's Crew ($4,475.00)
  2 -  Hot MS Express ($4,440.00)
  3 -  Don't MS with BRE! ($2,552.81)
  4 -  MS Walkers ($2,282.00)
  5 -  Because... Cupcakes! ($2,220.46)

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If you registered as an individual, but would like to join a team please contact us with the name of the team you'd like to join and we'll make it happen.

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