Ride Day Info

Let's get you ready for the ride of your life!

Here is the information you'll need to have an amazing Bike MS experience. We've provided information on packet pick up, what to wear and important phone numbers and information for you.


2018 TXH Bike MS BP MS 150 - Top Fundraiser Jersey
  • Registration in the BP MS 150 is consent and agreement to the terms of the event
  • Registration Fee is non-transferable and does not apply toward the minimum pledge.
  • If transportation services are selected, the transportation fee is non-transferable and does not apply toward the minimum pledge.
  • Rider numbers are non-transferable.
  • Each rider over the age of 17 must accept and submit the Participant Waiver & Release Form during the online registration process.
  • Each rider 17 and younger (Youth Riders) must have on-file with the National MS Society a hard copy UNDERAGE WAIVER AND RELEASE FORM, signed by his or her parent or legal guardian prior to attending or turned in during a Packet Pick-Up.A parent or adult guardian must accompany each rider 17 years old and younger (Youth Riders) and stay within sight of each other always.
  • The maximum ratio of adult to youth riders is 1 adult rider to 3 youth riders.
  • The minimum age for a rider is 12 years of age as the Friday before the event date.


BP MS 150 T-shirt
  • The required $400 minimum fundraising must be raised prior to picking up your Rider Packet. You are only required to meet the minimum if you plan to ride.
  • If you anticipate not being able to meet the minimum fundraising requirement for the current year's BP MS 150, please contact the National MS Society office by email at FundraisingSupport@nmss.org or by phone at 855-372-1331 to discuss your options.
  • If you did not meet your minimum fundraising obligation for the prior year's BP MS 150, your current registration may be canceled. Please contact the National MS Society office as noted above to discuss your options.
  • Failure to meet the minimum fundraising requirement by the Friday before event weekend will prohibit participation in the current year's BP MS 150 and may prohibit participation in future National MS Society events.
  • The BP MS 150 is first-and-foremost a fundraising event, not a race. Completion of the BP MS 150 is not required and is not a condition of fundraising.


  • All riders must obey all state and local traffic laws.
  • All riders must obey all Law Enforcement Personnel, Bike Ride Officials, and Volunteers.
  • All riders must complete the emergency contact information on the back of their rider number bibs, and appropriately wear and display their rider numbers at all times while on the bike route.
  • All riders must practice appropriate cycling and safety etiquette at all times during the event.
  • All riders must wear a bicycle helmet that complies with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission safety standard.
  • Headphones, cell phones, ear buds, radios, and similar audio devices used in, on, or around the rider's head or ears are not permitted while riding. (Tandem communication accessories are allowed.)
  • Equipment and accessories attached to a bicycle for transporting children and/or pets are not allowed. Prohibited equipment may include, but is not limited to, bicycle trailers, Tag-Along or Trail-A-Bike products, and child carrier seats.
  • Cyclists are not allowed to transport animals while riding.
  • All rides are exclusive to cyclists ONLY based on required route safety and support. Any other type of athletic activity is not allowed; this includes, but is not limited to, running, walking, inline skates (Rollerblades®) and quad skates (roller skates), etc.

Action on Unsafe Behaviors:  To further uphold the integrity and safety of all riders, the National MS Society has established specific courses of action for unsafe behaviors that may arise during the event.

Packet Pick Up Information

Mark your calendars for a Packet Pick Up! Your Bike MS packet contains many important items including your bib number, event details and sponsor giveaways.

Packet Pick-Up Requirement

To receive a Rider Packet, each registered rider MUST meet the $400 Minimum Fundraising Requirement and complete the Rider Acknowledgement Form.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO packet pick-up available at the Houston National MS Society office. To pick up your rider packet, attend one of the Packet Pick-Up events listed below on the Packet Pick-Up Schedule.

The National MS Society office in Austin will have packet pick-up hours (schedule to be determined).

Prior to Packet Pick-Up

We recommend that you convert cash donations to check, cashier's check, or money order payable to the National MS Society prior to arriving at packet pick-up.

In order to properly credit your fundraising account, write your name (or the participant's name, if not yourself) and "2018 BP MS 150" on the memo line or other available field of each check/money order.

At Packet Pick-Up

  • Turn in a completed Rider Acknowledgment form. These forms are required to pick up a rider packet, and are also available to fill out at each packet pick-up location.
  • Turn in any donations to meet the $400 fundraising minimum requirement and/or any additional donations.
  • Collect your Rider Packet, containing your bib number, bike frame numbers, helmet number, luggage tag, and a wristband for meals.
  • Receive an event t-shirt, goodie bag, and Bike MS: Champions Bandana
  • For riders aged 17 and under, you must submit a completed and signed Release and Waiver of Liability. The form must be signed by a parent/guardian
  • If you are picking up a Rider Packet for team members, friends, or family, bring their completed Rider Acknowledgment Form with you. They must have met the $400 minimum fundraising requirement to receive their Rider Packet.

Packet Pick-Up Instructions and Documents

Packet Pick-Up Schedule

In Houston:

  • Wednesday, April 18, 2018
    11:00 am to 7:00 pm
    NEW LOCATION!Wortham Insurance Terrace (located in The Water Works area of the park, near the Sabine Street Bridge)
    105 Sabine Street
    Houston, TX 77007
  • *Friday, April 27, 2018
    2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
    Packet Pick up/Expo
    Omni Houston Westside Hotel
    13210 Katy Freeway
    Houston, TX 77079
    *last opportunity to pick up your rider packet

In Austin:

Packet Pick-Up FAQ

  • Q: Do I have to attend the Packet Pickup?

    A: Every rider must attend a Packet Pick-Up and complete a Rider Acknowledgement form to collect a Rider Packet. (Rider Acknowledgement forms will also be available at packet pick-up.) The rider does not need to be present to pick up a rider packet; a designated representative can pick up a rider's packet on their behalf by bringing the rider's completed Rider Acknowledgment form.

    To participate in the 2018 BP MS 150 and to receive a Rider Packet, each registered cyclist MUST turn in the required $400 minimum fundraising and complete the Rider Acknowledgement form.
  • Q: Can I pick up a rider packet for a friend or family member?

    A: Yes, you can pick up a rider packet for a friend or family member. Be sure to bring their completed Rider Acknowledgment form with you.
  • Q: What is included in the rider packet?

    A: The Rider Packet contains the credentials needed to participate in the BP MS 150. The packet includes bib number, bike frame numbers, helmet number, luggage tags, and a wristband for meals. You will also receive your Champions Bandana, goody bag, and participant t-shirt. Please have the t-shirt sizes for those participants not present whose Rider Packets you are collecting.
  • Q: Do I pick up a packet if I don't want to ride or can no longer participate?

    A: You do not need to pick up a Rider Packet if you are unable to participate. Please contact us at FundraisingSupport@nmss.org or by calling 855-372-1331 to cancel your registration. If you contact our office to cancel your registration, you will not be obligated to raise the $400 minimum fundraising requirement. Please note that donations already submitted to the National MS Society and your registration fee are non-transferrable.
  • Q: Can I turn in donations at a Packet Pick-Up?

    A: At the Packet Pick-Up, cyclists are encouraged to turn in any donations raised-to-date.

    All donations to the National MS Society are tax-deductible. For non-credit-card donations, please submit your donations as personal/business check, cashier's check, or money order made payable to the National MS Society—cash donations are not accepted. Ensure accurate fundraising by writing the participant's name and "2018 BP MS 150" in the memo line or other available field on the check/money order.
  • Q: What is the minimum age to participate?

    A: The minimum age to participate in the BP MS 150 Ride is 12 years of age by April 28, 2018—no exceptions. Riders 12 to 17 years of age (Youth Riders) must submit a hard-copy completed Release and Waiver of Liability Form with a parent's/guardian's signature before a packet can be picked up.

Why $400

The National MS Society makes a concerted effort to utilize each dollar raised to help people living with multiple sclerosis. In 2017, approximately 830 registered BP MS 150 participants fell short of the $400 required minimum fundraising, resulting in a loss of approximately $332,000 to the Society. In order to continue making an impact on the lives of those living with MS through our fundraising efforts, the National MS Society requires all registered participants to have met the $400 minimum fundraising requirement prior to picking up their packet.

Examples of how fundraising helps those living with MS:

  • $50 could provide round-trip transportation to a medical appointment
  • $100 could help purchase a walker or shower chair
  • $250 could fund a transport chair, accessible transportation to a medical appointment or a portable ramp
  • $500 could help fund a college scholarship for a high school senior who is living with MS or whose parent is living with MS
  • $1,000 could pay for a hospital bed, provide half the cost toward a standard chair lift, or rental assistance to two people living with MS
  • $43,000 could fund a research grant (average cost)

While participants are required to meet the fundraising requirement prior to picking up their packet, we encourage the fundraising to continue! Don't stop at just $400 – set your goal high and keep raising funds after you experience the BP MS 150!

Bubble Bistro in Fayetteville and Austin!

The Bubble Bistro was created by a committee of women who wanted to ensure anyone living with MS that attending the BP MS 150, would be able to have a cool spot to see the riders cross the Finish Line in Austin. This unique shaded and fanned viewing-reception area serves as respite to enjoy a snack, cool beverage and the excitement of cheering on the riders while air machines fill the sky with their signature welcoming BUBBLES!

This area is reserved for people living with MS and one guest.

The Bubble Bistro offers cyclists the opportunity to meet the people they are riding for and it offers those living with MS the chance to say thank you.

Look for the Bubbles at the Finish Line in Austin!

A Special Thank You to Our Sponsor: Mostyn Law Firm

Mostyn Law

What to wear

We are delighted to welcome Primal Wear as the official apparel of Bike MS and invite you to check out Sponsors & Offers to see their specials for Bike MS participants.

So what should you wear for Bike MS?

  • Helmet – of course! You should wear one every time you ride, and you must when you ride in Bike MS. Modern helmets are lightweight, airy, and stylish as well.
  • Jersey – a cycling jersey with rear pockets is handy for carrying snacks, your wallet and other items. Summer jerseys are usually made from a material that wicks moisture way from the skin, keeping you drier and more comfortable. Plenty of casual riders simply pull on a T-shirt, but realize that sweat (or a rain shower) makes cotton heavy and clammy.
  • Shorts – cycling shorts are no joke. They are key to minimizing chafing and other discomforts when sitting on a saddle for any length of time. Good shorts have a large, smooth, lightly padded liner ("chamois"). If you don't care for the skintight look of Lycra, opt for the "baggie" mountain bike style that look like casual shorts but still has a liner. Being a loose fit, though, means they could bunch uncomfortably during long rides.
  • Gloves – short-finger cycling gloves absorb perspiration for a safer grip, protect against raw spots and blisters, and pad your palms to reduce road shock. Most have a terry back that gives you a way to wipe sweat from your eyes or energy drink from your chin.
  • Shoes and socks – dedicated cycling shoes, either for road riding or mountain biking, are the best choice. The reason? Very firm soles that let you press as hard as you want without feeling uncomfortable pedal pressure. You can use mountain bike style shoes with or without toe clips and straps, or with clipless pedal systems. Plenty of casual riders simply wear running shoes, but their softness makes them less suitable for longer distances. Socks are important for comfort and sweat absorption. Choose the low-cut style if you're worried about a funny tan line.
  • Sunglasses – it's best to use a sports model with unbreakable lenses that have 100% UV protection. The wraparound style will reduce bothersome wind, important if you wear contacts.

If you need some help training for Bike MS, make sure to read about Training Resources and remember to also read about Rider Safety.

The National MS Society will transport your luggage at no charge during event weekend.

On Saturday morning, drop off your luggage at one of the official National MS Society luggage trucks located at each of the start locations (Tully Stadium, Rhodes Stadium, or Waller Stadium). On Saturday afternoon, when you arrive at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in La Grange, pick up your luggage from the luggage depot located near the entertainment plaza. The luggage will be sorted and arranged by rider number.

On Sunday morning, drop your luggage off at the luggage depot near the entertainment plaza (same location as Saturday). Your luggage will be transported to Austin and placed at the luggage depot near the shower trucks (sorted and arrange by rider number). If you purchased transportation from Austin to Houston, you MUST load your luggage on the appropriate passenger bus.

Luggage Requirements:

  • Each rider is allowed 2 pieces of luggage
  • Each luggage piece may weigh no more than 25 pounds
  • Place the luggage tag(s) from your rider packet on your luggage
  • Include personal tags with name and cell phone number on your luggage

Packing List

On the Route:

  • Helmet – REQUIRED to participate
  • Rider Numbers and wristband – REQUIRED to participate
  • Padded cycling shorts and jersey
  • Cycling gloves and shoes
  • Sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen
  • Tire patch kit, spare tubes, and CO2 cartridges or hand pump
  • Medical insurance card
  • Identification (driver's license)
  • Emergency cash and credit card
  • Water bottles or hydration pack
  • Jacket/rain poncho
  • Camera

Overnight Bag:

  • Personal size tent (optional)
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Towel, soap, and shampoo for shower
  • Toiletries, including medications
  • Change of clothes for Saturday afternoon and evening
  • Plastic cover for bike seat on Saturday night
  • Cycling shorts, jersey, etc. for Sunday
  • Change of clothes for bus ride home
  • Comfortable shoes

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