Share a common goal through an extraordinary experience.

Form or join a Bike MS team and get ready for the ride of a lifetime—together. From the moment you register, you'll feel a spirit of camaraderie and support like you've never experienced before. With every team training ride and every dollar raised toward your fundraising goal, you'll form a bond with your teammates that will last long after you cross the finish line.

Teams participate with us in one of three ways: Corporate Teams, Friends and Family Teams or National Teams.

Corporate Teams: Teams that have a corporate affiliation and are traditionally made up of employees of the company and friends and family members of employees.

Friends and Family Teams: Teams that are just like they sound - a group of people cycling together to create a world free of MS! Sometimes these teams participate in support of a loved one living with MS or coming together to simply support a great cause.

National Teams: Teams that often begin at a local event and then go on to make an even bigger impact by supporting events across the country. For corporate teams, this is an opportunity to foster employee engagement and camaraderie; for Friends and Family teams, this program unites loved ones regardless of geographic location. To learn more or find out if your team is a National Team Click here.

Click here for a complete list of teams currently registered for BP MS 150.

Riding as a team is an experience like no other, and here is what it is all about:

Team of Riders

Recruit. The more the merrier. Team members can be anyone: friends, family, coworkers, neighbors... pretty much anyone you can think of. And here's the thing, they don't even have to be cyclists. Members can join as a virtual cyclist and enjoy all of the team fun with none of the miles! There's no limit how big a team can be, so get out there and start asking. Our online tools, such as our easy-to-use Mobile App (Fundraise with Facebook / Apple App Store / Google Play) and Participant Center, help make this easier than ever.

Fundraise. This is the big one. It's also why recruiting is so important. The larger your team the more you're able to collectively raise. Establish a team goal and encourage your team members to set their own personal fundraising goals. The more you raise together, the bigger the impact. Get more ideas on fundraising from experienced Bike MS fundraisers.

Celebrate. You won’t believe how many reasons you and your teammates will have to celebrate together. Enjoying a few pints or delicious meal at the end of a long training ride. Hitting a fundraising milestone. Meeting team goals. Earning great perks. And of course, every mile ridden brings us closer to a world free of MS.

Support. Bike MS Teams receive a tremendous amount of support. Many team resources are available to ensure your entire team has an extraordinary experience. In addition, our dedicated staff is on hand to guide you every step of the way. Contact your local MS Staff here.

To end MS, we can't do it alone. We need collaboration. We need connections. We need each other. We need teams. Let's ride!

Top Teams

  1 -  Team BP ($806,724.99)
  2 -  Team Noble Drilling ($805,130.83)
  3 -  Saint Arnold Bike Team ($343,064.40)
  4 -  ExxonMobil Cycling Club ($301,170.30)
  5 -  Bike Barn ($235,140.71)

View our Team Leaderboard for a fuller list of team standings.

Let's Team Up

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If you have already registered as an individual rider but would like to join an existing team or start a team of your own, please contact our Fundraising Support Center at or by calling 855-372-1331. Please let us know the name of the team you'd like to join, or the name of the team you'd like to create (and its fundraising goal), and we'll make it happen!

Bike MS is a great opportunity to bring employees, families, friends, customers and suppliers together to raise money and awareness for the National MS Society. The Bike MS event is also an opportunity to encourage health and wellness activities throughout the company not only during the ride, but also the physical training activities leading up to the ride. Our employees feel an overwhelming sense of pride when the event begins and they are surrounded by more than 100 JM Team members." –Mary Rhinehart
Chairman, President, and CEO, Johns Manville: A Berkshire Hathaway Company
Our team of was formed because I was diagnosed with MS in March 2012. Since then, our team has grown to over 100 participants and over 27 living with MS. It's not about the distance, it's about the fundraising, and the ride is a celebration of your fundraising success." –Chris Potter
Team Wingman, Co-Captain

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