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Fundraising Clubs and Benefits for Teams and Individuals

2018 Walk MS T-shirt for $100 fundraising

Walk MS participants and teams who go the extra mile with their fundraising qualify for special prizes! Raise $100 and earn an official Walk MS event t-shirt (shirt pictured), and be the envy of your team!

If you raise $250 or more, you'll qualify for some great Walk MS prizes from our national prize partner. After the walk, you will receive your prize redemption certificate in your email or in the mail. After you receive the certificate, visit the prize redemption website and complete the online process to redeem your prize. Prizes are shipped directly to you from the prize fulfillment center.

Choose "Mission First" for your prize.

Mission First

You earned your prize, but you can choose to donate the cost of your prize back to the vision of a world free of MS! Simply choose "Mission First" as your prize selection, and instead of receiving a prize, you'll receive the satisfaction of knowing those dollars are advancing the mission of the National MS Society.

The National MS Society provides prizes each year to reward our top fundraisers for their efforts. Prizes are based on money you raise before the event and up to a designated time after the event date.


(Based on participant’s confirmed fundraising totals)

I’m an MS Fundraiser Sticker
Raise at least $1 for Walk MS and receive an ‘I’m an MS Fundraiser’ sticker. Come one, come all, let’s stick it to MS!

Official Walk MS T-Shirt
Raise $100 and wear the official Walk MS 2018 t-shirt with pride and support. Check back soon to see the design!

Elite 100 Club of 2018
This Club includes our top fundraisers #1 – #100 Elite 100 Club members receive:

  • A special Walk MS commemorative t-shirt with their name written on the back as part of the ‘Elite 100’
  • A special Elite 100 bib with their rank
  • Both will be mailed prior to next year’s event

Top 10 Lanyard (per Walk MS site)
We will recognize our Top 10 fundraisers at each Walk MS location with a special lanyard indicating their Top 10 rank to wear proudly at Walk MS. The rankings will be based only on confirmed donations that have been received by the Chapter by midnight on the Thursday before the event. (Top 5 for Eureka, Solano County, & Tri-Valley.)

Top Individual Fundraiser (per Walk MS site)
At each Walk MS site, a Top Individual Fundraiser Cup will be presented to the Top Individual Fundraiser of that site. (cup may change hands based on final fundraising numbers as of the fundraising deadline on Friday, July 13, 2018).


(Based on the team’s confirmed fundraising total)

Team Flag
Teams that raise $2,500+ by the day of Walk MS will receive an official 2018 flag to carry with them along the Walk MS route. Earn yours and carry it proudly!

$5,000+ Team Movement Perks (fundraising deadline is March 23, 2018):
Team Movement members receive:

  • 10’X10’ team tent at their Walk MS site
  • One table and ten chairs for the tent
  • Team sign for the tent
  • Day-of event team check-in at the team tent

$10,000+ Team Momentum Perks (fundraising deadline is March 23, 2018):
Team Momentum members receive:

  • All Team Movement benefits PLUS
  • Specialty food items delivered to team tent
  • Recognition sign on Walk MS route

$20,000+ Team Mission Impossible Perks (fundraising deadline is March 23, 2018):
Team Mission Possible members receive:

  • All Team Momentum benefits PLUS
  • Official Walk MS t-shirt for each member, with team name on the back (deadline for ordering is March 9, 2018)
  • Team leads walk at route start

Top Team Fundraiser Cup
At each Walk MS site, a Top Team Fundraiser Cup will be presented to the Top Fundraising Team of that site (cup may change hands post-event based on final fundraising numbers as of the fundraising deadline on Friday, July 13, 2018).

Thank you for your passion, commitment, and fundraising efforts! You are changing lives.

Northern California’s Elite 100 Class of 2018

This list represents the top 100 walkers in Northern California as of Monday, June 18, 2018. Keep up the great work and check back often. We’ll post the final Elite 100 Class of 2018 after the fundraising deadline: Friday, July 13, 2018. We are very grateful for everyone’s fundraising efforts to help move us closer to a world free of MS. Together We Are Stronger!

1 Perry Ann Jeveli $110,447.75 Walnut Creek Pear's Pack
2 Emily Witt $35,293.00 Silicon Valley Emily Asked Us To Walk
3 Linda Pfeiffer $19,660.00 Silicon Valley Linda's Marvelous Supporters
4 Mindy Zuckerman $16,000.00 Oakland
5 Navid Mansourian $14,741.00 San Francisco
6 JoAnna Soffa $14,080.00 San Francisco
7 Mark Gwin $13,715.00 Tri-Valley L.E.O MS Fighters
8 Beth Klugman $13,465.00 San Francisco Beth's Band of Merry Warriors
9 Danell Petrovia $12,708.60 Chico Team Petrovia
10 Natalie Darone $11,241.89 Walnut Creek KeepOnSmyelin :)
11 Mark Forrette $9,400.00 Walnut Creek The Right Stuff
12 Pamela Martinez $9,245.00 Silicon Valley Payton's Walk Team
13 Ruth Yoder $9,000.00 Silicon Valley Linda's Marvelous Supporters
14 Erin Camp $8,769.67 Walnut Creek Camp Crew
15 Magali Lopez Bogarin $8,483.05 Solano County Adios MS
16 Tukey Seagraves $8,305.00 Monterey Bay Tukey's Trekkers
17 Shauna Silva $8,235.00 Walnut Creek Pear's Pack
18 Kyle Winkler $8,215.00 San Francisco I'm With Kyle
19 Alden Miles $8,175.00 San Francisco Stroller Rollers
20 Rachel Ginsberg $7,915.00 San Francisco Rachel's Squad
21 Barry Brian $7,840.00 Walnut Creek Pear's Pack
22 Matthew Zises $7,361.00 Silicon Valley Linda's Marvelous Supporters
23 Brian Garber $6,610.00 Solano County Nancy's Knights
24 Abbe Funk $6,319.00 Silicon Valley The Fabulous Funkadelics
25 Carla Hoblit $6,275.00 San Francisco
26 Frankie Harper $5,740.00 Sacramento
27 Rick Schultz $5,505.00 Central Valley Helen's Heroes
28 Robyn Riley $5,490.00 Oakland Team Free
29 Angela Reinhardt-Mullins $5,340.00 San Francisco Angela's Angels
30 Valerie Rosado $5,188.45 Silicon Valley Val's Pals
31 Mandy Hagenaar $5,141.00 San Francisco Magnificently Sexy
32 Suzanne Clukey $5,077.00 Tri-Valley Dammit Doll Team
33 Amanda Dash $5,035.00 Oakland
34 Sharon DeSoto $4,955.00 Sacramento
35 Janice Ertola $4,540.00 Walnut Creek
36 Kyra Millich $4,317.00 Santa Rosa TEAM KYRA
37 Arnie Goodpasture $4,268.00 Central Valley Arnie's Army
38 Marisa Looney $4,231.00 San Francisco Team Love
39 Theresa Hadley $4,120.00 Chico Team Petrovia
40 Larissa Squires $4,115.00 San Francisco The Hive
41 Ashley Kennedy $4,100.00 Central Valley Love for Jamie & Ena
42 Helen Schultz $4,053.00 Central Valley Helen's Heroes
43 Yvette Brisco $4,015.00 Central Valley Fight For A Cure
44 Jill Rodgers $4,014.00 San Francisco Nan's Fans SF
45 Molly Stampher $3,920.00 Silicon Valley Linda's Marvelous Supporters
45 Arezou Mansourian $3,920.00 Walnut Creek
47 Judie Block $3,871.00 Monterey Bay Team Yoga for MS
48 Lisa Heitkemper $3,853.00 Santa Rosa Team Lamooch
49 Dana Utz $3,830.00 Oakland
50 Ron Sarver $3,810.00 Santa Rosa TEAM KYRA
51 Ray Padmore $3,725.00 San Francisco SFPD Walking the Beat
52 Phil Afflack $3,700.00 Walnut Creek The Right Stuff
53 Eric Pennes $3,691.15 Santa Rosa Happy Feet California
54 Victoria Munoz $3,660.00 Solano County Victorians
55 Angela Fragomeni $3,655.00 San Francisco Team Tambini
55 Nancy Zises $3,655.00 Silicon Valley Linda's Marvelous Supporters
57 Diane Dodd $3,640.00 Walnut Creek Hope Walks
58 Sarah Broome $3,625.00 Walnut Creek
59 Rebecca Scott $3,620.00 Oakland Beezie 1
60 samantha kelly $3,535.00 San Francisco Team Pants
61 Mark Warren $3,595.00 Sacramento Megan's Soldiers
62 Che' Travers $3,507.00 Walnut Creek Orange HumMingbirdS
63 Chapin Cole $3,505.00 Silicon Valley TEAM CHAPIN
64 Mary Muhlenkamp $3,406.88 Walnut Creek Camp Crew
65 Lorri Peterson $3,370.00 Silicon Valley
66 Robin Hajjar $3,360.00 Walnut Creek Pear's Pack
67 Barbara Boggio $3,285.00 Chico Team Arabesque
68 Nick Palladino-King $3,280.00 San Francisco Tribe SF- Fitness and Yoga
69 Kevin Keyawa $3,276.00 Chico Team Keyawa
70 Susan Payrovi $3,250.00 San Francisco #RiseAgainstMS
71 Caroline Fairchild $3,235.00 San Francisco Team Gary Fairchild
71 Alan Gordon $3,235.00 San Francisco
73 Helen Leek $3,218.00 Monterey Bay Team D'Arrigo
74 Donald Village $3,200.00 Silicon Valley SP Lasers
75 Marjorie Bohn $3,170.00 Santa Rosa Team Cecilia
76 Manickam Dhamodharan $3,157.00 Silicon Valley Om Shanthi
77 Heather Fargo $3,120.00 Sacramento Heather's MS Team
78 Samantha Goodreau $3,105.00 Solano County Sam I am(with you)
79 Karin Salameh $3,085.00 Monterey Bay MultipleFerocious
80 Kristin Bicocca $3,070.00 Folsom Kristin's Kruisers
81 Janine Vanier $3,000.00 Oakland TeamMSters
81 Jean Chappelle $3,000.00 Silicon Valley Myelin Mileout
83 Maribel Barranco $2,970.00 Sacramento MS Maribel's Walkers
84 Constance MacQuarrie $2,955.00 Santa Rosa Marvelous Marinites
85 Lauren Hoffman $2,903.00 Central Valley Power-Plus Pacers
86 Jennifer Williams $2,900.00 Monterey Bay Team D'Arrigo
87 Robert Moitoza $2,845.00 Sacramento Team Momtoza
88 Anna Black $2,810.00 San Francisco Team BLACKout
89 Kevin Slattery $2,736.11 Sacramento Moving on and Achieving with MS
90 Nadene Hinkle $2,730.00 Chico Team Petrovia
91 Raymond Walker $2,700.00 San Francisco Healthline
92 Shelly Thomas $2,650.00 Solano County Victorians
93 Erin Medlin $2,620.00 San Francisco Rock stars
94 Jamie Teese $2,600.00 Central Valley Love for Jamie & Ena
94 Anna Kranwinkle $2,600.00 San Francisco
94 Natalie Brisbin $2,600.00 Silicon Valley Team Whirly
94 Scott Vicino $2,600.00 Silicon Valley Val's Pals
94 Carol Bradanini $2,600.00 Tri-Valley L.E.O MS Fighters
99 Vanessa Waszczuk $2,565.00 Silicon Valley Heart of Gold
100 Victoria Molina $2,560.00 Walnut Creek

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