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Digital Downloads

On this page you will find graphics and images to help you with fundraising, team recruitment, awareness and more! If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Use these downloadable tools to share on your networks your excitement of being a part of Bike MS!

  • Share your fundraising progress and ask for donations!
  • Recruit more members for your Bike MS team!
  • Raise awareness about multiple sclerosis.

Profile picture badges

Bike 2016 Facebook profile TeamCaptain    Bike 2016 Facebook profile v1    Bike 2016 Facebook profile v12    Bike 2016 Facebook profile v13    Bike MS IRWMS Badge

Cover photos

Bike MS Facebook Cover Thumb  Bike MS Facebook Cover Thumb B  Bike MS Facebook Cover Thumb C  Bike MS Facebook Cover Thumb D

Download cover photos for Facebook

Fundraising images

Bike MS Social Therm Individual 25  Bike MS Social Therm Individual 50  Bike MS Social Therm Individual 75  Bike MS Social Therm Individual 100

Download fundraising images

Team fundraising images

Bike MS Social Therm Team 25  Bike MS Social Therm Team 50  Bike MS Social Therm Team 75  Bike MS Social Therm Team 100

Download Team fundraising images

Team recruitment images

Bike MS Social Team Recruitment Challenge   Bike MS Social Team Recruitment Experience  Bike MS Social Team Recruitment Join Me  Bike MS Social Team Recruitment Join My Team

Download Team Recruitment images

What is MS? images

bike MS social Whats MS 2M  bike MS social Whats MS adv  bike MS social Whats MS neuro  bike MS social Whats MS symp

Download What is MS? images

More images

Bike MS Social Awareness A  Bike MS Social Awareness B  Bike MS Social Awareness C  Bike MS Social Awareness D  Bike MS Social Awareness IRB  Bike MS Social Awareness I Ride For

Download images


Here are some videos for you to share across your networks.

Bike MS Experience Video

What is MS?

MS NOW Research Video

Research Milestones

Thank you to our premier national sponsor

Thank you to our national sponsor

The Pickle Juice Company
Become a Sponsor

Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!