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I Got That...

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This past September I was diagnosed with MS. So i decided to make a song about my diagnosis to help me cope...

I would like all proceeds for downloads of this song to go to the MS foundation to help fund the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.
To donate, please click the donation button on this page under the image.
To download the song, click the link: http://www.prwrecords.com/Random_Ran_-_I_Got_That.mp3.zip

I had a MRI done to see why I was losing vision in my right eye... They found legions all over my brain, then a week later it was found in my spine. Doctors said it was a severe case of demyelination of my nerves. It's RRMS. I have less feeling on my right side of my body, especially in my foot. The right side of my face went numb for a while; not knowing it was related to MS. The doctors said from the looks of my chart that I probably had it 10+ years, easy. This explains a lot of the things that have been happening to me over the years, and here I thought it was just me getting older. I had no idea it was MS... I draw and make music to help cope with this diagnosis. It's frustrating, but it's the card I got dealt and it's out of my hands. People look at me and don't see that I have MS. I seem normal, but it's a silent disease. It's a frustrating disease. I just try and stay positive about this diagnosis, but sometimes staying positive is easier said then done.

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