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Event FAQs

As you are putting together all of the details of your DIY Fundraising activity, you will have many questions. Our hope is that the following will be able to answer most of those for you.

Why is our activity classified as DIY and not a National MS Society Event?
This is YOUR activity, which means you get to do it your way, with all of your own ideas, adding all of your own flare! So, when promoting your event, title is as “Event Name, benefitting the National MS Society”. This will show our complete support of your event.

Can the National MS Society Logo be used?
A special logo has been created just for DIY Event holders! This logo can be downloaded online here.

Is it okay to have alcohol at our DIY Event?
Alcohol is highly discouraged at an event unless it is believed to be important to the success of the event. But, we do recommend that if your event includes alcohol, try to limit the number of drinks each participant gets for “free” by providing drink tickets, or hire a licensed bartender to consider a participant‟s level of consumption and age.

Will The Society pay for expenses of a DIY Event?
No. The Society is not financially liable for the staging of a DIY event.

Can funds already turned in to The Society be used to pay DIY Event Expenses?
No. Once funds have been donated to The Society, they cannot be utilized to pay expenses.

Can funds be kept to pay expenses of the DIY Event?
Yes, but ensure the funds are kept in a safe location and these are not considered tax deductible.

When do funds raised from DIY Events need to be given to the Society?
The Society asks that you deliver any proceeds raised from a DIY Event within 30 working days after the event has taken place.

Are donations made to a DIY Event tax deductible?
The Society is a charitable organization, so any contribution to the Society qualifies as a deduction under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Difficulty could arise when an independent, outside organization wishes to raise money for the Society. If the payments are made to this independent organization, and it is not a qualified organization, the payments will not be deductible for income tax purposes. If the payments are made to the Society, then they qualify – to the extent by law. Please note: As stated above, please remember that when checks are made to the Society, they cannot be utilized later, or paid back from the Society, for expenses of a DIY Event.


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