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2014 Run MS

2014 Run MS

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The 37th Annual Fifth Third River Bank Run

We're BACK for a third year as a charity partner for the Fifth Third River Bank Run!  We're strapping on our shoes and putting them to good use, stomping out multiple sclerosis one step at a time!  b4r3 4rm5 consists of runners, walkers, and volunteers with a passion to wipe out MS, sweat a little, and have FUN!  Join us on May 10th 2014 and help us tear up the pavement!

Already registered for the River Bank Run? This is the place to be!  Click on "Join Team" to sign up and create your fundraising page!

Not yet registered for the event? Visit to sign up for the River Bank Run!  Step-by-step instructions are available on our "events" page at TeamN3kk1d.Com.

Want to volunteer? Click on "Join Team", set up a fundraising page, and give us a shout at to let us know what you'd like to do!

The battle against multiple sclerosis has made great strides over the past year, and our goals are lofty.  This is a fight we can win!  Join b4r3 4rm5 and make a difference in the more than 18,000 individuals in Michigan alone who live with MS every day!

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Feel the epic power of our River Bank runners!
Feel the epic power of our River Bank runners!

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